The Characteristics of Window Phones

I guess windows phones may be the next generation cell phones, so I want to share something about the characteristics of window phones.

The main characteristic of windows phones
Enhanced Windows Live experience, including the latest source of subscription, and the Windows Live photo sharing across major social networking sites.

Better email experience on the phone the direct management of multiple accounts through Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other components.

Windows Live Media Manager synchronize files on the phone using Windows Media Player to play media files.

Redesigned Internet Explorer mobile browser does not support the Adobe Flash Lite.

Windows Phone SMS function integrated Live Messenger (commonly known as MSN).

Windows Marketplace for Mobile and online backup service, Microsoft My Phone, App Store service has also been open simultaneously, which provides a variety of customization services, such as the theme.

Dynamic magnets
Live Tile is a new concept in WP, this is Microsoft's Metro concept has been suspended with Microsoft Kin is very similar. Metro is the function of the rectangular graphical interface combo box is a signature design of the Zune. Metro UI to give users a glance and go Metro UI personality dynamic brick (Live Tile) experience. Even WP7 is in Idle or Lock mode, still support the Tile update. Mango in the application can support more than one of the Live the Tiles. Mango update and expansion capabilities of the Live Tiles will be more obvious, Deep Linking both can be used in Live Tiles can also be used in Toast notice. Live Tile only supports portrait layout, which is the phone to horizontal, the direction of the Live Tiles will not change.

Metro UI is an interface display technology, and Apple iOS, Google's Android interface the biggest difference is: the latter two are to apply as the main rendering objects, while the Metro interface to emphasize that the information itself, rather than the redundant interface elements. Display function of the next part of the interface elements on the main function is to prompt the user "here for more information. In visual effects, which contribute to the formation of an immersive feel.

The interface concept was first applied to the Windows Phone system is now also introduction of Windows8 operating system. (It can be the best windows phones)

Chinese input method
Windows Phone Chinese input method can be said that so far the most comfortable of the major smartphone operating system. First of all, it inherits the adaptive capacity of the English soft keyboard habits based on user input, automatically adjusts the touch to identify the location. Your typing if total left all key touch position is moved slightly to the left point, and vice versa. Comes with a rich vocabulary in the mobile phone input method is also rare. Network buzzwords such as "to force mud horse bully real horse, yikes, red songs, cooking oil, Jocie Kok, bare official founding of Albert," and so on are all in the column, common brands such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Beijing Ke Long, Jingdong, Dazhong, Gome Google "and so on are also readily available, and even more dialects of, for example, enter" nxp "" Mother Xi horses. It is worth mentioning is that the system comes with Chinese input method, you do not need to enter anything you can select the "good", "ah," and "you" and "I", "" some of the most commonly used short reply, you can improve your typing efficiency in every detail. Finally, the input method Full keyboard, squared, handwriting and other three modes are available. It should be noted is the input method so far, no stroke mode, which is a slight inconvenience for some customary stroke input.

Contacts (People Hub)
People Hub is called "contacts", but its basic function is equivalent to the "Contacts" in the traditional sense, but the enhancements a few times with various social networking updates, real-time cloud synchronization. There was a slight change in the mango inside Peo ple Hub of the Home tile. Before its live tile is divided into nine pieces, which turns to show the contact picture. Mango which is introduced in a large head, accounting for four small squares so that each contact has a full opportunity to show their Second is the contacts groups introduced. In addition to the already mentioned features, grouped in user-friendly is also worth mentioning. Family (family) packet that comes with, which is empty by default, and automatically all the same surname with you, we recommend removal of contacts to join the group. Significance of this function is not very large, for example, like relatives of the wife, wife's mother, uncle, not love, of course, the unless Xiankang just the same surname. System to provide users with the convenience of a little more than earn a little.

Market (Marketplace)
Similar to the iOS in the Marketplace where to download an application and return immediately to the application list interface (if you download the game jump to the Xbox Live interface), immediately inside the Display icon, the following is the download progress. Previous progress bar only the download reaches 100%, into the long "Installing" stage, and other tips. Download and install each half to 50 percent when the download is complete, 100% installed. Also Microsoft applications store for Windows Phone system phone user to provide some mobile phone manufacturers proprietary applications, these applications, only you and you use this brand of mobile phone users have, and others can not use! Nokia and Microsoft, in order to further promote the development of Windows Phone platform for mobile phones can be described best. Nokia has the world's leading interactive entertainment software company EA cooperation, introduce a variety of popular game on Windows Phone platform. Microsoft and Nokia inject $ 24 million for the new Windows Phone application development.
Zune sync

Zune software like iOS users desktop client management software iTunes, as a Windows Ph one phone with the desktop client management software, users can Zune for Windows Phone mobile phone to install the latest system update, download applications and games, as well as management and synchronize music, video and picture content. Zune is also an interface elegant, powerful desktop-side media playback system, and has many media player software does not have a picture slideshow function, users can use the Zune unified management of multimedia files of the PC side. Windows Phone 8 will cancel the Zune desktop client in favor of Windows Phone desktop synchronization applications, Microsoft said the Zune music will be the Xbox Music in the form of quickly in Windows 8, WP mobile phone platform, Xbox launch.

Software Management
Windows Phone all applications installed the first letter of the classification. Each class in front of a large letter, click exhaled full-screen alphabet, select a letter to jump to the corresponding group, hold much stuff, looking for an application can click on three or four times. At present, we found that grouping the letters of view is based on the number of installed applications automatically appear. If you installed only ten to twenty applications, the application list is the same as before, nothing special, scroll up and down looking for, anyway, do not bother. Once the application is more than a certain number will automatically activate the grouping view. In addition to the outside of convenience, this view there is a more humane highlights. Somewhat similar system does not support the language were all thrown into the bottom of the "Z" group. WP7 inside "Z" is followed by a group of signs is the Earth, said "other languages". The application of pure Chinese name of the property in there.

Language Support
Released in February 2010, Windows Phone supports only five languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Windows Phone Marketplace allows the purchase and sale of applications: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States in 17 countries and regions.

Microsoft in the issuance of this operating system, the main target is the general consumer market, rather than the previous version aimed at the enterprise market. It was first released in Europe, Singapore and Australia on October 21, 2010, and is followed on November 8, the same year in the United States and Canada, in Mexico on November 24 issue. Asia is expected to issue the first quarter of 2011. Windows Phone, Microsoft will apply the use of interface design language called "Metro" (has been used in the Zune), and Microsoft and other third-party software integrated into the operating system to strictly control the operation its hardware.

Now with the Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) update already supports Chinese, including 35 languages. The next version of Windows Phone7.5 (Tango) will support 125 languages.

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